Executive Team


Akshat Talreja


Akshat is a rising sophomore from Singapore studying Business Analytics and Finance at Wharton. He currently serves as the President. Having previously worked in the areas of Natural Language Processing, Fraud Detection, and Recommendation Systems, Akshat is interested in the use of AI to drive automation within businesses. Outside of AI@Penn, Akshat is the events at the Wharton Data Analytics club, Business Director at the International Affairs Association, and an Associate Consultant with the Global Research & Consulting Group. In his free time, Akshat enjoys pool, watching movies, or trying new food.


Patrick Liu

VP of Internal

Patrick is a rising sophomore from California studying Computer Science and Statistics. He currently serves as VP of Internal Affairs. Having worked in fields such as Recommendation Systems, Feature Engineering, and NLP, Patrick is interested in a wide range of AI applications. He is also interested in the role of AI in health, having done research in signal processing and image classification. Outside of AI@Penn, Patrick is on the Events Committee at the Wharton Data Analytics Club, an undergraduate researcher at the Shen Lab, and a tenor in Disney A Cappella. In his free time, Patrick enjoys doing song covers, photography, and basketball.


Rishi Joshi

VP of External

Rishi is a rising sophomore from Dubai studying Business Analytics and Finance at Wharton. He currently serves as Executive VP of External Affairs. Having worked in Sentiment Analysis and Quantitative Models, Rishi is interested in using AI to find ways to build automated trading models. He is also interested in finding ways to bring AI to the social impact space, where there is scattered data that needs to be modelled. Outside of AI@Penn, Rishi is an Analyst at Wharton Asia Exchange’s Energy and Investment team, VP of Penn’s Cricket Team and a member of Wharton’s Undergraduate Energy Club. In his free time, Rishi enjoys playing and watching sports and travelling.


Karan Jaisingh

VP of Education

Karan is a sophomore studying Computer Science in the Engineering School, and was born in India but grew up in Singapore. As the VP of Education, Karan has a stark interest in the technical side of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, from Computer Vision systems to Natural Language Processing-based models. Karan strives to utilize Artificial Intelligence to boost business productivity and solve business problems, from predicting success of marketing campaigns to estimating credit default probabilities of clients. Another particular interest of his within the area of Artificial Intelligence is within healthcare - after conducting research in this domain with Penn Medicine, he strives to implement such technologies to alleviate healthcare-based issues in the world through low-cost solutions. He also has experience teaching Artificial Intelligence through several online projects and guides targeted at newcomers to the field.


Ella Cho

VP of Marketing

Ella is a rising sophomore from California studying Neuroscience and Political Science while pursuing the pre-medical track. She currently serves as VP of Marketing. Having studied pain and its neural basis and volunteered in the pre-op/post-op unit of a local hospital, Ella is interested in AI’s potential role in guiding pain treatment and recovery. Outside of AI@Penn, Ella is a board member and violist for Penn Symphony Orchestra, a Peer Advisor for the College of Arts and Sciences, and an undergraduate researcher at Betley Lab. In her free time, Ella enjoys film photography, video games, and playing with her pet hamster and dogs.


Sachit Gali

VP of Events

Sachit is a rising sophomore from Florida studying Economics and Computer Science. He currently serves as VP of Marketing. Having previously worked in Computer Vision and Generative Models, Sachit is interested in using AI to improve decision making and forecasting in business contexts. Outside of AI@Penn, Sachit is the Business Manager of Penn Masala and an undergraduate researcher in Wharton OID. In his free time, Sachit enjoys reading, cooking, and staying active.