Cultivating a networked AI community @Penn.

Club Tenets

AI@Penn is the premier student organization for undergraduates interested in Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is bound to redefine every industry vertical, and we seek to lower the barriers for undergraduates looking to enter this fast-paced and dynamic field that lies in the intersection of business and technology.

Partnering with the Wharton AI for Business Initiative, we aim to support students through building technical skills and applying these tools to various industry spaces. Through speaker events with global AI thinkers, alumni, and professors, we provide undergraduates with the opportunity to explore career paths in this field, both technical and non-technical, while networking with industry professionals and learning about current trends and developments.


As an organization, we seek to lower the barriers for undergraduates entering the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Every semester, we host a biweekly education series focused on teaching state of the art AI models, while exploring their applications in a host of industries ranging from Finance to Self-Driving Cars.


We hope to navigate students through recruiting for AI companies and opportunities. We will use a pipeline that will connect potential candidates to exclusive internships and full time positions, while mentoring them along the way. We plan to hold an undergraduate recruiting circle, allowing them to network with leading firms.


Designed to expose undergraduates to the rapidly growing field of Artifical Intelligence, we host leading global AI specialists at our speaker series, ranging from top professionals at Fortune 100 firms to entrepreneurs driving cutting edge innovation. We seek to expose undergraduates to both technical and business opportunities within AI.

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